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With so many wines to choose from, the regular wine drinker is finding it difficult to find the Best Pinot Noir that either tastes really good, fits their budget or both. What we are trying to do is get some wines out to our visitors that the normal wine drinker might not have heard of or give more common wines more exposure. Since the inception of this site we’ve discovered that a lot of people are seeking a really good Pinot Noir to try. This is why we came up with this review concept to help Everyone.

To get your wine in front of tons of people every month, all you have to do is submit your Pinot Noir with a simple review of what the consumer can expect.

Review Cost: $10
1. A review of your Past, Present or Future Pinot Noir (We require a minimum of 150 words per bottle)
2. A picture of the Bottle Label which may help people find it while shopping.
3. A direct Link back to your Winery site, giving the winery more potential for exposure.
4. Advertisement for the life of the wine and winery.
5. Submit as many bottles as you wish assuming they are all Pinot Noir’s

The process is fairly simple. Submit your payment below using the Paypal button and the amount of wines you want to send in. Once you are finished with payment you will be taken to a form where you can submit the review and exact URL link you would like us to use. You can then submit the Wine label picture by email for us to upload to the article. Again, if you have any questions, please contact us on our about page.

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