When I first started drinking wine in my early 20s, I wasn’t looking for the best tasting bottle at a great price point, I was looking to feel fancy, celebrate a special occasion or impress my date. Wine didn’t resonate with me for awhile – at least until my early 30s. I didn’t appreciate the way a great bottle of wine can completely make a dinner, a special occasion even more special or compliment even the simplest meal.

My father, who spent time in France, knows all about the great French wines and can easily talk the talk. Growing up, my grandparents had a wine cellar filled with wines, but being a youngster I didn’t appreciate their love of a good wine. It wasn’t until my father opened up a bottle of Pinot Noir that I was hooked. With my first taste, I knew I had finally found the grape that spoke to me – to my taste buds. Pinot Noir is the varietal of choice in our home and we are constantly looking for our next great bottle.

This love of wine and Pinot Noir in particular, is what lead to the creation of Best Pinot Noir.

Our goal at is to provide simple, easy to read reviews of the many different and fabulous Pinot Noirs out there at every price point. We strive to provide our readers and reviewers a place they can come to sing the praises of their favorite wine or gather information for purchasing a new bottle.

We hope you enjoy reading the reviews and hope you will post one of your own.