Yellow Tail Pinot Noir

Some say it’s hard to find the best Pinot Noir for under $20, these people need to be steered in the direction of Yellowtail. Available at most retail stores and usually listed under “Reds” column in most casual dining restaurants, Yellowtail is a brand that brings quality without breaking the bank.

Yellowtail Pinot Noir is approachable for so many reasons. Not only does it bring the stereotype of “snooty, upper-class” Pinot Noir to the common wine drinking public, but it does so in a moderately priced, inviting way. This Australian beauty is flavorful and aromatic with hints of vanilla, cherry and raspberry. Incredibly and unexpectedly smooth for a wine of its price point, Yellowtail holds its own in a world of over-priced, and often over-rated, Pinots.

I would recommend this wine both to share on a casual dining night out with friends and to keep in your wine rack for any and all wine drinking occasions. The real beauty of this wine is that it has enough of a bite and strong finish to compliment a steak or fish dinner, while still being sweet and fruity enough to compliment a baked brie. I would honestly even pair this with a fried chicken dinner…hey, fried chicken is a delicacy in some parts of the world.

This specific Pinot Noir does a great job of bringing a varietal to the masses. Add it to your shopping list (it sells for around $7) and see if Yellowtail can’t make a convert or a believer out of you.