Yellow Jersey Pinot Noir Review

Part of being in a book club, or at least our book club, is that you bring lots of great books to swap and you drink a lot of wine. Though we all prefer different varietals and brands, I stick with Pinot Noir and usually like to change up the brand, sipping on a new find at every monthly meeting.

This time I went with something classy, eco-friendly (as its package in a plastic bottle), French and fun – Yellow Jersey Pinot Noir. A sucker for a good label and all things green and eco-friendly, I liked the appeal of the Yellow Jersey bottle. Hoping it tasted as good as it looked, I brought my new find to book club and planned on sharing it with the other girls.

Result: This wine was delicious. I did not share it with the other girls. In fact, I kind of hoarded it. Perfectly fruity and silky smooth, this was a real treat for my taste buds. It’s subtle taste of blackcurrants is reminiscent of jam or preserves, but without being overwhelming. It was light enough to continuously sip on and carried a very smooth, non-acidic finish as with some Pinot Noirs. It also paired well with the antipasto plate and stuffed mushrooms we nibbled on while exchanging our literary finds.

$10.99 was all I paid for this fantastic, French find and like a good book, I will continue to go back to this one over and over again.