Cheap Wine Baskets

Something named for a woman should be luxurious and sweet. Something named after the woman you gave birth to you should be powerful. Thea’s Selection Vineyard Pinot Noir (named for the vinter’s mother) is all these things and more.

Rich in color and flavor, this Pinot Noir from Lemelson’s in Oregon, is the real deal. Smoky notes, spice and strong fruit scents draw the drinker in but the ripe raspberry flavor and long finish are what turn them into a true fan of this wine. Thea can hold its own against many food pairings; however, lighter fare such as fish or pasta with a light olive oil and tomato would be the perfect complement to this Pinot.

Thea’s is priced somewhere in the middle of the road ( $30 from vineyard, $20 and up from online distributors), is worth the extra couple of dollars in shipping. Save this wine for a special event, as it is said to age well and is a bit too delicious to waste on typical after work drink. Another wine by Best Pinot Noir.