To be honest the thing that grabbed my attention about this Pinot Noir was the name. Reminiscent of every cautionary yell my mother shot in my direction as a youth, “Running with Scissors” Pinot Noir was a must buy. After all the back of the label urges, “Do try this at home.”

Bringing it in for a night full of board games and mindless munchies with friends, I purchase Running with Scissors for both its clever label and its moderate price. Why not bring a fun, inexpensive wine to game night? Everyone can try it, give their feedback and if we don’t love it, the $9 price tag is justifiable.

So what was the verdict?

Well, although it was not the favorite of the night, it was well received. Lightly colored, like many of its varietal, this pinot was sweeter, lighter and easy on the tongue than its name would leave you to believe. The taste of berries and a hint of vanilla are what hit me upon first sip and while it is wise to serve most Pinot Noirs with a bit of chill to them, this one especially is more pleasing with a slight chill.

Worth the small price tag, this is a great sipping wine- easy on the palette with a smooth finish and a perfect raspberry/strawberry flavor for those fans of fruitier wine. It paired well with the garlic dip, hummus, cheese and crackers were nibbled on and I’m sure it would compliment a fish entrée, like halibut or clam linguini, very well.