Best Rodney Strong Pinot Noir

Tell someone you don’t know very well that you are planning on spending the evening with Rodney Strong and they may look at you a bit funny; however, tell a wine lover that same thing and they will want to invite themselves along.

A fan of all of Rodney Strong’s varietals, the Pinot Noir is now a surefire favorite of mine. This evening, in particular, I tried the 2008 Pinot Noir and it lived up to the brand’s reputation. Fragrant aromas, think roses and sweet plums, and a subtle oaky/vanilla flavor create the perfect union and make this wine a bit heavier for a Pinot Noir, yet so easy to drink.

A bit pricier than some of its competition, selling for about $20 retail, Rodney Strong lives up to the price tag and can become a great go to for a nice dining experience or a fun dinner party. This Pinot Noir does all that it can to meet the expectations synonymous with the Rodney Strong name. Even those first hearing about the brand would assume that the sweet bottled nectar would be flavorful, supple and a force to be reckoned with- that assumption would be true.

The taste is smooth, classy and pleasing to the palette. My glass in particular was paired with flank steak and mushrooms, but I also wouldn’t hesitate to pair this fine California-bred wine with rich pasta dishes. Whether out on the town or home on the couch, Rodney Strong Pinot Noir is the perfect thing to spend your evening with.

Best California Pinot Noir