At first the appeal of Rex Goliath may be the funny “47 LB rooster” on the front of the bottle. Secondly, it may be the price tag (after all, a bottle of this wine sells for about $7 retail). Hopefully these two things are enough to convince you to bring this wine home because the thirdly and, arguably the most appealing part of this wine, is the taste.

Having tasted Rex’s other varietals before I had faith in the brand but was a bit leery whether they could do Pinot Noir and its signature taste and aromas any justice. Little did I know it is sold out from the vineyard and was given the Gold Medal at a San Francisco Wine Competition. Apparently whatever is in stock throughout the country is the last of the Rex’s Pinot Noir for a bit, so get it while the getting is good.
Grab a Nice Bottle
Smooth and lush, especially for the price, this Pinot has the usual hints of raspberry and cherry flavors; however, it is the slight cinnamon-y flavor that sets it apart. If wines had a season, this would definitely be an “Autumn wine.” It has a velvety finish, almost coating the tongue with a sweet yet spicy taste. Perfect for a Thanksgiving dinner or for enjoying outside on a cold fall evening, with your favorite blanket of course.

Some things in the world seem to impossible to believe – like a 47 pound rooster or a remarkable Pinot Noir under $10- but if Rex Goliath can make a believer out of the San Francisco wine community, don’t you think you oughta give it a shot?