Attending a ladies night affair at a pottery place was possibly the last thing on my bucket list of life, but when you mention free wine and cheese, I’m in.

Hoping against hope that the free wine was tolerable, and not something off the shelf of the convenient store down the street, I lined up behind the other budding artistes and waited my turn. The label said “Red Bicyclette 2009.” It was a Pinot Noir. It was perfect. Priced somewhere in the middle of the road, (around $9 a bottle)this jewel toned wine has a smooth and full finish, making it the perfect complement to the pepper jack and Colby cheese offered up by the pottery center. The adorable bicycle on the label also helps as a selling point.

Oaky flavors and aromas of plum and dark cherry help to bump this well priced French Pinot up to the upper echelon of store bought Pinots. And after a glass or two I truly began to believe I was an undiscovered artist. We will see if it was the wine or just delusion that led me to that decision when I pick up my glazed piece this week.