2008 Poppy Monterey Pinot Noir

With a name so cute you can hardly resist it and a price so good you just want to stock up on it, Poppy Pinot Noir 2008 is a delicious, fruity choice for the casual wine drinker. If a fresh glass of wine after a hard day’s work is your speed, this wine is an excellent choice to have on hand.

Running about $12 a bottle at retail stores, Poppy lives up to its loveable name. Exploring the wine aisles in hopes of something that would catch my eye and please my palate, I was ready to give up. Today wasn’t the day to break the bank and I just wanted to have a glass or two of Pinot while relaxing. At the end of the aisle something caught my eye. A bright white label embossed with a simple word “Poppy.” Suddenly the image of my fiance’s adorable grandfather or “Poppy” sprung into my head and I had to get it.

Without reading the description, I bought it and rushed home to share this find with the live-in love. Everything about this wine was comforting. The simple label, the reasonable price and the delicious flavors. Hints of strawberry and oak blended together to make a perfect balance. It’s the kind of Friday evening/after work yet before dinner kind of wine. Light enough so you can enjoy the rest of your evening but rich enough that it helps melt the stress of the week away, Poppy Pinot Noir is definitely worth a pour.

Although we opted to enjoy the wine before dinner, I would definitely pair it with something light like an angel hair pasta dish or an ahi tuna salad.