What does one do with a two hour layover at the airport en route to vacation? Sure you can shop, eat or read the paper but, if you have time to kill why not indulge in some Pinot Noir?

Parker Station was the name that particularly caught my eye on this Wednesday morning. Yes, I said to drink Pinot in the morning…it is vacation after all. The label was simple yet appealing, with an endearing raccoon pictured on it, and I liked the simplicity of the name. I ordered the breakfast croissant and a glass of Parker Station and awaited the arrival of my plane.

The first sip of this California wine gave off hints of ripe cherries with almost a small hint of minty after taste. The wine is fuller bodied for a Pinot Noir and has a rich, somewhat earthy, flavor to it that pairs nicely with the fruit flavors it also exudes. This wine is nicely balanced and somewhat inexpensive, even at the airport.

Drinkable, appealing and priced at around $10 a bottle (retail), Parker Station is an excellent Pinot Noir to drink any time of day.