Newest Pinot Noirs

When “fall” comes in Florida (the weather is below 80), it is common to see people sitting outside on their porches, drinking wine. Or at least it is around my neighborhood, with my friends.

We were blessed with unseasonable weather this past weekend so it was only natural that we gathered, shared some wine and talked/gossiped about life. The wine of choice was Naked Grape Pinot Noir. A cost effective wine choice (at $8.99), based out of a California and crafted by a 30 year old, wine making genius, this Pinot was light, fruity and the perfect choice.

Upon first taste it was a bit like raspberry jam, or even a bit like fruit juice. If you held the glass close enough to smell the wine, hints of cherry, blackberry and plum would waft into your nose, stirring up your taste buds. The scent isn’t the only thing that is pleasing to the senses. The color, a jewel tone, is reminiscent of rubies and fit in perfectly with the fall night.

The thing that sets this Pinot Noir apart from others, is that while it is mostly Pinot, it also has the bite of Tempranillo, Grenache and Alicante bouchet. Surprisingly, the wine does not linger much on the palette—in fact it is quite light—but it does have a nice acidity to it and packs a lot of ripe fruit flavor and scent, like a Pinot Noir should.

This Pinot won’t break the bank but it will compliment a great night on the porch. It will also ensure that the gossip won’t be the only fun thing of the night.