Mirassou Pinot Noir

Sometimes the inevitable question arises: “Is it too early for wine?” The answer, at least in my house, is always “No.” But if you find yourself feeling a bit of the guilt at noon on a Friday, order a glass or bottle of Mirassou Pinot Noir and wash the guilt away. After all, the wine label is composed of a sun.

Whether its lunch with the girls or a weekend getaway, every once in awhile a little wine must fall a little early in the day. When this time comes starting off with a harsh red, for those of us who prefer red, can ruin the day. No one wants a dry mouth, headache or sluggish feeling at 3 pm- nothing good will come from that. So when the opportunity to drink some wine in the daylight presents itself, opt for a lighter red like Mirassou Pinot Noir.

Light, bright and fruity, this Pinot Noir makes for the perfect “early” drinking red wine. While many Pinots can be richer, darker and a bit heavier on the palette, Mirassou is a great alternative. Try this wine with a gorgonzola salad, like I did, or pair it with a hummus or brie. Everyone has heard that wine, fruit and cheese go well together and that old cliché is ever present here.

Just as easy on the wallet, Mirassou can be purchased at retail store for around $15. While not on a lot of national wine menus, this wine is a can’t miss and a is worth a sip if you see it featured.

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