Middle Sister Goodie Two Shoes Pinot Noir

Middle sister doesn’t just describe Jan Brady. It’s not just the nickname for my fabulous sister who often felt a little lost in the mix. It’s also the name of a perfectly blended, adorably labeled wine. Though they make both red and white wine and name each something catchy and fun, it is the Pinot Noir, “Goodie Two Shoes,” that caught my eye.

Sweet at just the right times. Bold at just the right times. Just like the personality of a true middle sister, this Pinot is smooth but has a bit of spice and tartness to it. It has the taste of a raspberry with a bit of a cola taste to it and pairs amazingly with pizza and typical BBQ fare.

The purchase of this specific brand of wine is always necessary when my sister comes to town. Always making her pose with the bottle, we try a new varietal with each visit. This visit coincided with her birthday and I hosted a BBQ/house party in her honor. Although I am sure it will go just as well with other dishes, or carry out pizza, this Pinot went well with the homemade Margherita pizzas and turkey burgers we had crafted for the party.

A little bit more playful than its Pinot Noir counterparts, Goodie Two Shoes has a sort of chocolately-cola taste at times, which makes it a perfect party wine. Not too serious but completely satisfying for the adventurous wine fan, Goodie Two Shoes is a safe bet when toasting to your perfect middle sister or simply for a night when a more serious Pinot Noir won’t do.