I like anything that boasts that it’s for the people. After all, I’m people and if something positive wants to help me along the way, so be it. Nevertheless, when I discovered that the mantra of Mark West Pinot Noir was “A Pinot for the People,” I was all about ordering it.

The weather had finally cooled off here in the Sunshine State and it seemed like a great excuse to watch Sunday Football outside at a great local restaurant. Known for its immense, Mediterranean patio, obscene amount of flat screen TVs and great drink specials, we chose a favorite spot called Ember. While I showed up with all intentions of drinking beer, the 2 for 1 wine sign got me. I decided to try the Mark West Pinot. Why not be fancy while watching football? I was on a “Mediterranean style patio” after all.

Everything about this wine was fun. Eclectic in taste, moderate in price ($25 a bottle/restaurant price when not on 2 for 1, $11 a bottle/retail), this California beauty is everything you expect from a Pinot Noir without being ridiculously over-priced. One sniff of this Pinot and you get the sense that it may be floral; however, one sip and hints of raspberry, blackberry and a bit of vanilla. Mark West sticks to what Pinot Noir should be and what it does best. In other words, there is no hint of super sweet jam or a grape juice after taste here. It is smooth, fruity, light and refreshing.

We went crazy and ordered a bunch of appetizers and from empanadas to goat cheese crab Rangoon, the Mark West complimented them perfectly. Take a chance and order a glass and while you are it, visit their site and try not to fall in love with this empowering Pinot Noir.