Lucky Star Pinot Noir Review

With spring rushing in, it is a great time to sit outside and enjoy wine. With my mom coming to town, it is a great excuse to visit happy hour at a restaurant with a patio.

We decided to order a bottle of Pinot Noir while we lounged under the giant outdoor fans at the bar/restaurant. The chosen wine was called Lucky Star Pinot Noir and boy, was it. That magical bottle of wine was the answer to the mantra I had been saying in my head all day, “Serenity Now.” My mother was pleased with the taste and it was the perfect varietal to drink on a cool, Spring night.

Zesty strawberry flavors greet you as you take your first sip and the great balance of flavor raspberry and cherry linger on your palette for a silky smooth finish. Lucky Star is a playful Pinot Noir, well priced ($20 a bottle at restaurant/$10 retail) and pairs well with flatbreads, such as the tomato and basil one I ordered, or chicken dishes. Lucky Star is a great find, perfect for setting a calm tone for the evening with out of town family or indulging in alone. This whimsically titled Pinot is certainly worth the small price tag.