La Crema Pinot Noir-2008

Turning 30 is a tough bite to chew. A girl needs her friends. A girls needs a long weekend away to embrace it all. A girl needs a good bottle of wine. All of these things were obtained this weekend and while the stories are fun, the wine review is really what you are here for…right?

In choosing which bottle we would go with as we sat at the outdoor beach bar, we wanted a fun name- something that resonated with having a milestone birthday. Nothing on the menu was called “In Shock” or “How am I 30 when I feel 22?” so we went with something symbolic instead and chose La Crema Pinot Noir 2008. Translating to “the cream” this choice was based on my being with the best friends in the world and having a weekend of all the finer things in life.

Everything about this bottle of wine lived up to our expectations. Rich enough yet fruity enough, this Pinot Noir went well with the Mahi Mahi burger I chose for lunch. It also coupled well with the chocolate cheesecake the sweet waiter brought over for my birthday dessert. Fans of cherry will love the hint it leaves on the tongue.

Purchased from the restaurant for $34, La Crema will typically run you about $17-$25 if purchased at a retail store. Worth every penny, the wine is as simple yet classy as its label and made this birthday girl feel like a sophisticated 30-something.

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