Jargon Pinot Noir

As an avid wine drinker, if there is one thing that turns me off its when someone drops words like “legs” and “tannins” while I am trying to enjoy a glass of the good stuff. I don’t need all the fancy schmancy verbiage, I just want to taste it for myself and see if I like it or if it’s overpriced swill. You can talk all the big words you want but if your wine doesn’t back it up, I won’t be buying it again.

This brings me to Jargon Pinot Noir. Perhaps the thing that first caught my attention was the fun-poking label that features a man with a megaphone yelling while holding a book called “Wine Speak.” Immediately, I know this was right up my alley. I was also intrigued by the twist off bottle. What? No cork on a Pinot Noir? Is this company out of their mind? No, they are just fun people who know they have a great product.

This leads me to the wine and its sensational taste. With a hint of berries ( I tasted strawberries) and cocoa ( or is that cola?), this Pinot Noir is fruity and smooth. In a word, it’s complex. In another word, it’s delicious. While this is one of the lower priced Pinots (available for about $12), it doesn’t fall short on flavor and finish.

Paired with rich pasta or a savory salmon dish, this Pinot needs no fancy words or high class blurb on its label. Jargon’s taste speaks for itself.