If there is one girl cliché I live up to it is that girls love shopping and shoes. With this in mind, this girl also loves some red wine. When these two things are paired, it is a very good night. Enter girl’s night. The perfect excuse for ladies to put on their best shoes and talk about love and life; however, this girl’s night we opted to stay in. Each coming with the understanding that we had to bring a fun bottle of wine and our best gossip, we met at my best friend’s house and the evening began.

My pick was Haute Pinot Noir. I purchased this well designed wine for $10 at a local store- a bargain as far as well-versed shoppers are concerned. With a fabulous shoe and a cute description of fabulous women in history featured on the label, this wine is meant to appeal to the kind of girl who loves a night with her girlfriends. Very light and full of berry taste, this Pinot Noir was a good choice for a night of flipping through fashion magazines and sharing secrets. It is easy to drink, going down smoothly, almost like fruit juice with a kick. While this wine isn’t for those who love a heavier Pinot, it is a perfect sipping wine, it’s crisp, clean and a great starter if you plan on sampling a few wines in one evening. It would also be a great alternative to a white wine for daytime drinking.

No estrogen filled night with my friends is complete without some snacks and we managed to create quite a buffet. Haute Pinot Noir paired perfectly with our guilt-free buffalo chicken dip and the delicious seafood nachos one of my genius girlfriends concocted. Fashion and fruit met and made one haute but easy-going baby.