Flowers Vineyard Pinot Noir 2006

A person only turns 85 once. For this reason alone, we made the pilgrimage to South Carolina to visit my fiance’s grandmother and celebrate her amazing life. A milestone this monumental calls for a celebratory dinner and a wine that is as delicate and amazing as the birthday girl herself. The dinner was delicious and the wine was absolute perfection.

As we walked into the private dining room I couldn’t help but eyeball the wine table. Full of tempting bottles, it was, of course, the Pinot Noir that struck me. “ Flowers Vineyard Pinot Noir 2006” the label read. A cute name, a Sonoma Coast red…this had to be a surefire safe bet, right? Right. Full bodied, for a pinot, and smooth on the palette, this had all the makings of a perfect Pinot Noir.

Living up to its name, Flowers was a treat for my senses. Aromatic and literally floral in smell, I didn’t know if I should fall in love with the scent or the taste. Why not both? Often, Pinot Noir can be a bit too light; however, Flowers was perfectly balanced with subtle hints of raspberry and a rounded finish. The perfect wine to celebrate the perfect woman.

The meal, undoubtedly, was as lavish as the wine and pairing Flowers with the mushroom risotto and prime rib I was fortunate enough to dine on was priceless. Not knowing the price point of the wine at the time, I would have placed it in the $45-$60 price range. My guess would’ve been right. Available at select national retailers, online stores and fine dining establishments, Flowers Vineyard Pinot Noir is as beautiful a wine as its namesake and makes for a perfect drink to toast a loved one.