Erath Pinot Noir 2008

The saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Well, when my new saying goes “When in Oregon, drink as Oregonians do.” This new life mantra was created on a recent trip where my palette and my opinion were both completely changed by local Oregon wineries.

I’m not sure if it’s the cool climate or the laid-back vibe of Oregon but the wine created there is different- in a good way. One vineyard in particular, Erath, and one varietal in particular, Pinot Noir, completely impressed me. Those who subscribe to the school of thought that once you’ve tried one Pinot you’ve tried them all need to take a sip of an Erath wine.

As we took a moment from taking in all the sites of Oregon, we found ourselves in a great little restaurant that had a very interesting, yet small wine list. Erath Pinot Noir 2008 being the only Pinot Noir on the list, we took a chance and chose it. Everything about this Pinot Noir is spot on and perfect. Sweet yet spicy, fruity yet smoky; this wine has as much character as its home state.

Pairing perfectly with the pasta fra diavolo and mussels we shared, the Erath refreshed the palette after a spicy bit. While the taste of this wine is classy and satisfying, the price is moderate. Paying $28 at a restaurant, this wine is available at national retailers for around $14.

If you can find an Erath, try it. The vineyard prides itself on making Pinots- from Noir to Gris and the pride is much deserved.