Coppola Pinot NoirWhat makes a night out of town for two very busy 30 something’s even more romantic? A bottle of Coppla’s Silver Label Pinot Noir…and an ocean view. Life gets hectic. We all know this. Sure you can stay home and decompress with a glass of wine any night of the week but when you get the chance to go away, even for the night and try a bottle of nice wine, you have to grab it.

As divine as it’s shiny label, Coppola Silver Label was decadent and fruity without being over the top. While the Coppola name is synonymous with many things, it should be made even more famous for what it offers in the way of Pinot Noirs. This specific wine, part of the Diamond Collection, lingered long enough on the tongue to taste dark plum and cherry flavors; however, it was not heavy or very oaky, which is ideal for a Pinot Noir.

Pairing this wine with a huge piece of room service chocolate cake with chocolate ganache was, perhaps, our best idea. As the fruit flavors of the wine completely complemented the richness of the cake. This wine is available from about $16 a bottle and is as appealing to the taste buds as the label is to the eyes.