Cloudline pinot noir 2007

The menu for the evening involved King crab legs, filet and fresh grilled vegetables so it was only natural the wine was just as mouth-watering. As bottle upon bottle were opened for our friend’s 35th birthday celebration, some were too fruity, some were too tart but there was one that took the birthday girl and the party by surprise: Cloudline Pinot Noir 2007.

Hailing from Oregon, this wine is light yet earthy, aged perfectly like our birthday girl and refreshing on the palette. Behind a simple, cloudy blue label sits a tasty ruby colored beverage that holds its own in a sea of Pinot Noirs. Cloudline perfectly represents the earthy quality that so many Oregon made Pinot Noirs are known for while still being light enough to drink throughout the night. Although it kept in the line with the “jammy” qualities associated with Pinot Noirs with aromas of strawberry and raspberry, the first sip offers fruity acidity mixed with a soft finish.

Light enough to drink before, during and after a hearty meal, Cloudline has the perfect light and ethereal name. Crab legs and filet won’t always be on the menu but luckily this stand-out Pinot has the makeup to compliment many a meal. Pair it with pasta, a fruit and cheese platter or just a hearty conversation, either way you won’t be disappointed. While many restaurants list Cloudline among their moderately priced Pinots (ranging from about $29 a bottle) it is available at retailers for home consumption for around $16.