Chalone Estate Pinot Noir 2006

Going out to eat should always be an experience. Whether it’s the table next to you that helps create a conversation piece or a meal so great that you literally talk about it your whole ride home- every meal should be an experience. Usually for me the experience involves a wine so great that I have to hunt it down and buy it at the retail price so I can indulge in it while I watch mindless television in the comfort of my own home.

I’d like to thank Chalone Pinot Noir 2006 for that experience.

Literally like velvet, this Pinot Noir moderately priced, listed for less than some of the other reds on the menu, but tasted like a million bucks. From the minute I took my first sip to the end of the bottle, I was completely smitten with this Monterey County red. Everything about it was just right. From the slight taste of berries (was that strawberry or raspberry I tasted?) to the smooth finish, this wine had me questioning whether or not it was wrong to order another bottle…for myself.

While I could’ve dined on the Chalone alone, I opted for a real meal and ordered a halibut and risotto dish and I have to say it was the best decision I made. The richness of the wine complimented the creamy richness of the risotto and I would recommend this wine with fish or pasta dishes. Chalone Pinot Noir can be purchased at some national online vendors and restaurants and usually runs from $28 and up. Take those pennies you’ve saved for a rainy day and create your own Chalone experience.

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