The phrase, “You can’t always judge a book by its cover,” should also apply to wine. Often times the price tag doesn’t necessarily match up with the taste of the wine. Such is the case with Cavit Pinot Noir. Although the price tag is modest, the wine itself is full of aroma and taste.

An Italian made wine, Cavit is smooth and medium-bodied for a Pinot Noir. Although the classic hints of fruit and lightness are there, the wine has a bit of a heavier , velvety effect – which I happened to like. In some cases, I have paid three times as much for a bottle of Pinot that has much less character and flavor that the Cavit. Selling for around $8 a bottle at retail stores, this wine is budget conscience without tasting cheap.
Grab a Nice Bottle
I served this wine with my famous (only famous in my social circle) eggplant parmesan and it was the perfect compliment. The strong berry flavors went amazingly with the homemade red sauce used in the dish. Often times we want to taste good wine without spending all our grocery money on one bottle, for this reason Cavit is a great go-to for everyday wine drinking. Tasty enough for dinner guests and subtle enough for an after work beverage, Cavit Pinot Noir is a great addition to your home wine rack.