The time of the year has come when the TV will only be tuned to one station and what I have to say will fall upon deaf bears. However, becoming a “March Madness widow” has its benefits. I can drink wine while reading a book and pretending to pay attention to the score.

The wine that was chosen for this blessed event was Bogle Pinot Noir. Having had other varietals from the Bogle brand, I figured I would give it a go. With an $11 price tag, I really couldn’t resist the temptation. Easily available to the public and easy to drink, this Pinot Noir has a great cranberry and cherry flavor to it. Medium bodied for a Pinot, the strong fruit flavors of the wine are perfectly balance with the earthy, almost piney, scent it gives off.

Of course, no solo reading time is complete without a dessert of some kind and the Bogle paired perfectly with the chocolate chip scone I was eating. While one may not always have a scone available, rest assured any type of chocolate or sweet treat will pair perfectly with this Pinot.