Big Fire Pinot NoirLife should always be sunny in Florida, right? After all it is the “sunshine state.” However, when it rains for three days straight, one has to figure out how to pass the time. Especially when one’s street is flooded and there is no backing out of the driveway.

Rather than kayak to a nearby store or go see a movie, we instead opted for some On Demand movies and a bottle (or two) of wine to pass the hours. Because we were in it for the long haul, we decided to open one of the better wines in the collection. We went with Big Fire, a Pinot Noir out of Washington state. The 2008 Pinot Noir was purchased during a recent trip to Whole Foods. While the price wasn’t that attractive ($16 a bottle) compared to some others on the rack, we chose it for the fun name and with the hopes that it would live up to its price tag.
And that it did.

A bit full bodied for a Pinot, this wine lived up to its name. It was big and hearty with deep notes of chocolate and berries. It lingered on the palette just enough to warm you up and give you the slightest hint of cherries. This wine was made for a cold winter’s night or a rainy fall weekend. There is something about it that makes it stand out. It is the kind of wine that makes you hope there is no bottom of the bottle. You want the warmth and enveloping taste to linger.

This wine is perfect for a night in with that special someone or a great dinner party. It is truly worth every penny.