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Parker Station Pinot Noir

What does one do with a two hour layover at the airport en route to vacation? Sure you can shop, eat or read the paper but, if you have time to kill why not indulge in some Pinot Noir? Parker Station was the name that… Continue reading

Thea Pinot Noir

Something named for a woman should be luxurious and sweet. Something named after the woman you gave birth to you should be powerful. Thea’s Selection Vineyard Pinot Noir (named for the vinter’s mother) is all these things and more. Rich in color and flavor, this… Continue reading

Coppla’s Silver Label Pinot Noir

What makes a night out of town for two very busy 30 something’s even more romantic? A bottle of Coppla’s Silver Label Pinot Noir…and an ocean view. Life gets hectic. We all know this. Sure you can stay home and decompress with a glass of… Continue reading